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Kind Frozen!

My friends  and crew mates will tell you- I'm already a fan of Kind bars. I hide, stow and pack these tasty nutritious treats in my set bag, bike bag and for purse snacks - nothing beats them. Not too melty also, as a chocolate bar can be. Of course, the same can't be said for frozen treats! They are just as good as their warm weather cousins though. Move over Snickers frozen bar! 

So this was a fun job for me. And the amazing cameras used for the video portion - we're something I hadn't seen before! Bolt big arm mechanical camera was so cool!   

My work Behind scenes 

Obviously wardrobe was an important part of this shoot- Color!!! Arlene Matthews pulled an incredible range  of primary and secondary hues- for those of you that know that color wheel! 

Chicago makeup artist & hair stylist Loni Hale

Chicago Producer, Christy Schmid Productions 

Chicago wardrobe stylist Arlene Matthews

  5 Tomaras Ct  Savoy Illinois 61874  6467532478